A candidate for a degree at Oblate School of Theology must submit official transcripts of all post-high school (post-secondary) academic study. This information assists the Program Director in evaluating the candidate’s background and planning the program of studies. All admission documentation pertinent to the student’s program must be submitted to the Admissions Office within the first semester/session of attendance at Oblate School of Theology. The students with outstanding material will be charged a $100.00 administrative fee at the beginning of the second semester/session and each subsequent semester/session until the material is received. For valid reasons the fee may be waived at the discretion of the Director of Admissions.

If all admissions materials are not submitted by the first class day of the second semester, the student’s name will be purged from the class rosters and the student will not be able to attend classes.


Registration occurs before the end of the previous semester for all returning students. Registration for new students is scheduled the week before classes begin. The Registrar announces procedures for registration. Late registration is handled through the Registrar and is charged an additional fee. A student will not be allowed to attend classes in another semester if there are outstanding tuition or fees.


Application Deadlines:

  • June 30th for the Fall Semester
  • November 30th for the Spring Semester
  • April 30th for the Summer Session
  • Address all correspondence to the Office of Admissions





For more information please contact the Registrar at

210-341-1366 ext. 212