Doctor of Philosophy in Spirituality: Curriculum

Required Courses: 36 Credit hours (All 3 Credit Hours)

First Year

DSC 6301 Pro-Seminar (Methods)
DSC 7301 History of Christian Spirituality
DSC 7302 Hermeneutics of Religious Experience
DSC 7303 Contemporary Spirituality

Second Year

DSC 6302 Foundations
DSC 7305 Seminar and Practicum in Teaching Spirituality
DSE 8300 Selected Classical Writer (1 course)
DSC 7304 Spirituality of the Trinity

Third Year

DSC 7306 Integrating Seminar (Methods)
DSE 8300 Selected Contemporary Writer (1 course)

Fourth Year

DSC 9000 Comprehensives (non-credit)
DSC 9001 Dissertation Proposal Writing (non-credit)

Fifth Year

DSC 9003 PhD Dissertation: Research
DSC 9005 PhD Dissertation: Writing

Elective Courses

18 required credit hours
(All electives are 3 credit hours. Below is a possible list which will expand as faculty become available.)

Contemporary Hispanic Spirituality
Contemporary African-American Spirituality
Ignatian Spirituality
Dominican Spirituality
Spirituality of Kenosis
Franciscan Spirituality