Certificate of Pastoral Studies

The Certificate of Pastoral Studies (CPS) is a program of studies for a limited number of special students who do not qualify to enter the regular MDiv degree program. The CPS is intended primarily for candidates for ordination who lack a Bachelor of Arts degree, or its equivalent.

  1. The program parallels the MDiv degree plan and the Certificate of Advanced Studies in Presbyteral Ministry in purpose and scope.
  2. Since ordination to the priesthood is usually the career intent of this special student, a competent authority from a diocese or religious congregation must recommend the student. The School reserves the right to restrict the admission of such students in view of the number currently enrolled in the program.
  3. Candidates for the CPS will follow the MDiv admissions and registration procedures, maintain a grade point average of 2.5, and apply for candidacy after the first 31 hours. The MDiv Director approves the plan of required courses. The program normally consists of 98 credit hours. It is also recommended that students do an internship as an important part of their preparation for ordination to the priesthood. The Certificate of Pastoral Studies is granted upon successful completion of the approved plan of studies.

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