Doctor of Philosophy (Spirituality)


The PhD (Spirituality) is an Oblate School of Theology initiative in response to an expressed interest and hunger for graduate formation in Spirituality. More and more people are interested in Spirituality and are seeking advanced academic training in the area. Few existing doctoral-level programs in Spirituality focus specifically on the long, deep, and rich history of the Judeo-Christian traditions in prayer, mysticism, and spiritual guidance. This program serves the church and society in an important way by providing doctoral-level scholars in the areas of prayer, mysticism, spiritual discernment, and spiritual guidance.
The Doctoral Program in Spirituality produces scholars with comprehensive knowledge of the overall discipline as well as a specialization in at least one particular area of Christian Spirituality. The specific approach is academic and theological from the Roman Catholic tradition, with openness to ecumenical and interreligious perspectives.

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