Financial Aid

Tuition Assistance Program

Oblate School of Theology serves students who are primarily interested in Church ministry. Therefore, the School endeavors to control costs as much as possible as well as support a strong educational program. Generous support by the Missionary Oblates of the United States enables the School to maintain lower tuition rates. The Oblate School offers Tuition Assistance each semester for those students that demonstrate a financial need and qualify by being enrolled at least half time in a degree program. The student is required to complete an application provided in the Finance office, and submit the application before Add/Drop date each semester. The student must attach a recent Form 1040 tax filing with the application, and show an above average GPA to be considered by the Tuition Assistance Review Committee. The Committee will only consider assistance for up to one-third of the tuition. Each student that is awarded Tuition Assistance will be contacted by mail. Tuition Assistance must be applied directly to the student account for the current semester, money does not change hands.

Oblate School of Theology offers very limited financial assistance through the School’s own resources. Institutional financial assistance must be re-applied for each semester.

Financial Aid

Federally Insured Family Education Loan Program - The Oblate School of Theology participates in the Federal Family Education program for U.S. Citizens and Eligible Non-citizens. A student may apply for a loan through various lending agencies. The student will complete the FAFSA application, (Federal Application Financial Student Aid) with the U.S. Department of Education electronically at The student will be required to provide pertinent information required by the Federal Government to approve each student for Financial Aid.

Federal Stafford Loans - subsidized and unsubsidized - are available from commercial lending agencies: banks, saving and loan associations and credit unions. The student must be enrolled at least half time. Information is available from the Finance Office or the Oblate School of Theology website located at While completing the FAFSA enter as first choice federal school code: 003595 for Oblate School of Theology. Upon completion, a student will receive a Student Aid Report and a complete SAR/ISIR will electronically be delivered to the school. If a student is selected for verification, the student must provide the financial information requested, and complete a signed verification form. The student is responsible for locating and obtaining a lender and arranging for the loan.

Repayment of a federal loan is the students’ responsibility and usually begins six months after leaving the school. Additional information may be requested from the Financial Aid Coordinator in the Finance Office.