New Faces - Same Mission

Priests arriving from other countries to serve in the US encounter dramatic challenges as they adjust to cultural and pastoral environments radically different from their homeland. Oblate School of Theology (OST) responds to these needs via the International Priest Internship (IPI) acculturation program. The IPI assists the participants in translating their existing pastoral skills into a new cultural context and adjusting to the rhythms of a well balanced pastoral life in the service of a U.S. faith community.
This Certificate Program consists of two on-campus workshops totaling one month of residency at OST. After the first two-week session in August and several months of pastoral experience, IPI participants return to OST for a second two-week module in January.

IPI Goals

  • Provide a trusting and fraternal environment for participants as they move through the challenges of orientation, adaption, and evangelization.
  • Familiarize participants with American English pronunciation and grammar usage to facilitate preaching and daily communication.
  • Help participants understand the present day realities of the United States and its Catholic community, introducing them to its pastoral challenges and practices.
  • Assist participants to build on their anterior theological and pastoral training and experience, so as to minister effectively to a U.S. faith community.
  • Offer the participants the technical assistance necessary for applying computer and internet technologies to pastoral needs and possibilities.
  • Encourage participants to adopt a healthy personal ecology