IPI Program Content

Module 1 (August)

The August session is a "get-acquainted" space for the participants. Not only do they meet each other; they also start exploring in depth the US way of life. Community life joined to regular prayer, shared meals, recreation and occasional group outings acquaint the participants with local history, life style and culture. Long term friendships soon develop. Seminars and conferences are presented by members of the Oblate School of Theology faculty and experienced persons from other institutions. Key areas of this module:

  • Initiating the Dialogue: The IPI Staff along with a Bishop from Texas engage the participants in a wide-ranging conversation on their personal stories, experiences, expectations and challenges.
  • Language Skills: A speech therapist evaluates each participant and coordinates specialized training sessions on American grammar, pronunciation and intonation.
  • Exploring the Context: Presenters review the cultural, historical and ecclesiastical realities of the United States.
  • Pastoral Challenges: Special "highlighted" ministry concerns in the U.S. today:
    • Marriage and family life,
    • Youth ministry,
    • Social justice,
    • Professional conduct and Boundary issues.
  • Reviewing U. S. Parish Leadership: Experienced resource persons review and discuss U.S. parish organization and animation. Special attention is given to collaboration with the parish council and other parrochial aspects such as catechesis, impoverished families, care of the sick, etc.
  • Learning Computer and Internet Technology: Each participant receives a computer and an IT specialist offers training in practical computer technology geared to parish work and needs.
  • Understanding Immigration Issues: An immigration lawyer is brought in to help the international priest with his personal immigration questions. The present day immigration issues in the United States are identified and discussed as well as their impact on ministry.