IPI Program Content

Module 2 (January)

This second module is an opportunity for the participant to reflect on his experience in his new ministry. Community life continues. There are many stories to share. Topics for this twoweek return session include:

  • Acquiring Cultural competency: Learning to distinguish between cultural knowledge, cultural awareness, cultural sensitivity and cultural action in the apostolate.
  • Accent acquisition: Linguistic specialists continue to monitor personal progress in accent acquisition and coordinate special vocal exercises to improve verbal communication, especially when preaching.
  • Distinguishing the role of a Spiritual Guide and that of a Counselor: Participants learn to understand the important differences between spiritual direction and counseling and legal implications in the US.
  • Liturgical Practices: Scripture and liturgy experts help integrate official liturgical prayer and popular religiosity.
  • Challenges and opportunities of contemporary theology: Participants are introduced to the integrity of creation spirituality and eco-challenges for our faith.
  • Financial responsibility and management: Skills and procedures required to comply with both ecclesiastical financial norms and civil law in the United States.
  • Animation and support of lay ministries and apostolates: Incorporation of the talents and experience of both religious and laity with a special emphasis on the role and talents of women in the apostolate.
  • Planning for the Future: What values and skills are required for successful pastoral ministry? Where and how can these value related resources be found, adapted and further developed?
  • Adopting a Good Personal Ecology: Sustain a balance between work, maintenance and play in such a way that our personal faith life is deepened and strengthened and stress is managed in a constructive manner.