International Priest Internship Program Components

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Program Components

The International Priest Institute has three key components:

  • Two 15 day seminar
    sessions on-campus
    (August & January)
  • Ongoing contacts during
    the internship year with
    IPI staff and
  • accompaniment by
    someone in the Diocese
    where the priest is assigned.

Program Goals

  • Provide a trusting and fraternal environment that will be resourceful to the participants
    as they move through the challenges of orientation, adaption, and evangelization.
  • Assist participants meet their special needs in the area of U.S. English pronunciation and
    accent reduction to facilitate preaching and communication.
  • Help participants understand the present day reality of the United States and of the United States Church, introducing them the present day pastoral challenges and practices of the U.S. Church.
  • Assist participants to build on their present theological and pastoral training in ways that will help them minister effectively to a U.S. faith community.

  • Offer the participants the technical assistance necessary for applying computer and internet technologies.
  • Encourage participants adopt a healthy personal ecology coupled to their integration