Program Components - Module 2

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Module Two

The second module is an opportunity to reflect on the participant's experience in his assigned
ministry. Community life continues. There are many stories to share. Topics foreseen for the
second two-week return session:

  • Distinguishing the role of a
    Spiritual Guide and that of a
    Counselor: A priest experienced in
    both spiritual direction and
    counseling helps the participants
    understand the difference
    between doing spiritual direction
    and doing counseling. Specific
    experiences are discussed and
    suggestions are made on how to
    handle various situations and on
    how to refer properly.
  • Liturgical Practices: Scripture and liturgy experts help integrate official liturgical prayer and popular religiosity
  • Bringing Something New: Participants are introduced to the integrity of creation spirituality and eco-challenges for the faith
  • Planning for the Future: What human and material resources do they need in the foreseeable future? Where and how can these resources be found?
  • Adopting a Good Personal Ecology: Planning a balance between work, maintenance and play; learning about stress and how to deal with it.