MtM Community Dynamics

MtM is designed for the seasoned minister/adult engaged in pastoral ministry" . Applicants should be seeking personal, spiritual and intellectual growth, desirous of stretching beyond where they are, to expand and broaden their horizons. The program is not intended for those who are suffering severe psychological dysfunction or who have not already addressed possible addictions. We do welcome those who have sought professional assistance to address matters of concern in their lives and feel ready for a program such as this.

The sharing of community life, faith and life experiences is essential to the MtM program. All participants, in true sabbatical spirit, are expected to leave all active ministry behind and to devote their time and energies to all aspects of the MtM process. Free time is built into the program, including most afternoons and evenings, and Saturdays and Sundays.

Personal Counseling: Some Sabbatical participants may discover the need for the services of a licensed counselor while they are in the program. For those who wish, the names of competent and respected counselors in the area are provided. Although it is not included in the cost of the program, counseling is another way of taking advantage of this opportunity for personal growth.

To avoid misunderstanding, it is important to clearly state that parish substitution work would be inappropriate for an ordained participant during the sabbatical program: firstly, in fairness to himself, and, secondly, in fairness to the dynamics of the renewal community.