MtM Program Focus and Content

MtM is designed for the seasoned minister/adult learner engaged in "pastoral ministry". We focus on four behaviors closely tied to the understanding of Sabbath in the Sacred Scriptures. These behaviors are:

• ceasing,
• resting,
• embracing &
• feasting.

These four behaviors mark the rhythm and flow of MtM sabbatical time to facilitate both the encounter with the Divine and with one’s deepest self. With a greater awareness and experience of our true identity, as a beloved son or daughter created in God’s image and likeness, come peace and healing. There is a new perspective and realization of who God is for us and how we are to be present in the world.

Spiritual Direction and Faith sharing are essential in the Ministry to Ministers Sabbatical Program. All are invited to choose a spiritual director from a select number of highly trained and qualified men and women. The spiritual director seeks to be a personal, spiritual companion throughout the four months, aiding the participant to integrate new awareness and insight into his or her life and spirituality. In smaller groups, shared faith experiences and insights gleaned from daily life weekly enrich the sabbatical experience.

Mini courses and workshops are focused on theological updating and renewal as well as pertinent topics in contemporary spirituality. and personal well-being. MtM incorporates both the talents and skills of the Oblate School of Theology faculty, and the expertise of lecturers, faith sharing facilitators and spiritual directors from the San Antonio region and around the nation.

Reading and reflection are encouraged but there is no writing of papers! Participants may enroll in academic courses offered by the Oblate School of Theology and special programs at the Oblate Renewal Center also located on the Oblate campus at no additional cost.

Integral well being: All have the opportunity to participate in an individualized wellness program. A wellness consultant will design an individual program to meet personal needs. Access to near by St. Mary's University Athletic Center is available for a wide array of opportunities from weight training and rock climbing to tai chi, water aerobics and yoga. A personal trainer is available at St. Mary's University Athletic Center at no additional cost.