Doctor of Ministry Admission Requirements


  1. A minimum of three years of full-time professional ministerial experience subsequent to the MDiv degree or its equivalent.
  2. A five to seven page essay in which the applicant describes the following: (Please use these subheadings in your essay.)
    • the applicant’s understanding of ministry in light of a given faith tradition
    • reasons for undertaking the DMin Program and how it relates to that understanding of ministry
    • projected area of specialized competency (concentration) with reasons for that choice
    • a specific challenge to applicant’s particular ministry which he/she hopes to address in the doctoral project
  3. Special requirements for some areas of concentration include, but are not limited to, the following:
  4. a) For the Spiritual Formation in the Local Community concentration: an annotated bibliography of works read in the last three years that are germane to this area.

    b) For the Hispanic/Latino Ministry concentration: (a) ability to speak, comprehend, read, and write in Spanish; (b) experience in Hispanic/Latino ministry.